Last week, I posted a zoomable visualization of the weekly market and sector performance and correlation.  People seem to find this image both useful and “cool,” so here is this week’s edition and takeaways below:

  • Green, green, green (on the diagonal).  Other than healthcare  (XLV), every sector was up at least 1%, and most were up well over 3%.
  • More green (off the diagonal).  Most sectors were strongly correlated with one another, with the exception of financials (XLF) and healthcare (XLV).  Healthcare, as noted above, underperformed the market significantly by 2.5%.  The story with financials is the opposite – financials were up a whopping 6.8% this week, putting them over 3% ahead of the market.
  • Correlation was strongest between energy (XLE) and materials (XLB) at 99.5% and weakest between financials (XLF) and healthcare (XLV) at -21.8%.

By the way, this figure is produced with Python and cairo.  The code is fairly ugly and long, so I probably won’t release it unless there’s some demand.

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